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        GULF GLASS 2019 IN DUBAI

        GULF GLASS 2019 IN DUBAI


        WELCOME TO Gulf Glass 2019

        Gulf Glass is the the foremost trade exhibition in the region of Middle East, where a wide range of glass products will be displayed on a huge scale by leading exhibitors from different corners of the world. This event takes place once in every two years, after the massive success of its 2017 edition, it is ready with its upcoming edition, which will be exploring the advanced and latest production technologies, machinery, along with the processing and finishing of glass products. This upcoming trade event is scheduled to happen from 24th of September 2019 to 26th of September 2019 from 10 in the morning to 7 in the evening at Dubai World Trade Centre, where it will be co-located with the the award-winning Windows, Doors & Facades event. Apart from exhibiting a wider range of products and equipment, number of concurrent events will also be organized simultaneously, which will help both exhibitors and visitors to understand the whole idea behind this trade exhibition. Experts from the related industry will also be there for conducting conferences and discussions and visitors and exhibitors can be the parts of these ongoing discussions.


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